Creative Problem Solver

I enjoy the art of finding solutions to meet needs. I put up some of my forays into software and hardware development for easy browsing. Feel free to contact me for any more info!

About Me

I have a variety of professional interests that intersect software and hardware product development with an ever-growing interest in using only FOSS. On my free time I can be found playing racquet sports, perfecting clarinet tunes, or growing my taste in coffee.


6502 Emulator
A team of 2 other students and I made a 6502 CPU emulator in C. We documented the procedure and even got a game of snake to run on it.
Here is our documentation for the project.

Dancing Robot
A team of 4 other students and I made a dancing robot (named Frank) for a class at Olin College. The only requirements for the project was that it must combine software, electrical, and mechanical components.
We described some steps in the creation of our project here.

Floating Point Unit
For my Computer Architecture final project, a colleague and I created a Floating Point Unit. We sketched out the block diagrams, made appropriate abstractions, split up the work, and ran simulations on it using ModelSim – in two weeks!
Here we explained our reasoning and laid out our block diagrams.

Othello AI
For my Software Design final project, two classmates and I created a program that allows the computer to play the game Othello with a human. The AI is deterministic. The program was modular enough that one can watch two computers play against each other.
We wrote up how our initial thoughts and how the software works here.

Contact Info
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